Mark Denton

Mark is just about getting the hang of this advertising lark after over 30 years playing around at it.

He's been a creative partner of a famous ad agency and the owner of a highly awarded design company. He's launched and designed a magazine, re-launched Britain's oldest advertising awards and put on the UK's first ever World Championship Mexican Wrestling event.

He's done loads of different jobs from Knitting Digest's premier paste up artist, to typographic assistant, to visualiser, art director, creative director and everything in between. He's currently directing, designing and bossing people about at COY! Communications.

Denton has produced award winning work for clients such as Nike, Wrangler, Heineken, Levis, Greenpeace, and many, many, many, many, many, many more.

In fact, he's won an obscenely large amount of awards in general. Especially if you count bronzes and certificates (and he does count them - regularly).

Current projects include an exhibition, book and documentary on youth culture, the launch of another magazine and a range of leisure wear.

But is he still available to shoot commercials? I hear you ask... you bet!